How to save an e-mail as a template in Microsoft Outlook

If you find yourself typing the same e-mail repeatedly in Microsoft Outlook with slight variations, you'll be pleased to know there is a feature within Outlook called e-mail templates. This feature allows you to create an e-mail as a "template" and save the contents of the e-mail as a file where multiple people can access it later.

Choosing to create an e-mail content template not only saves time and energy, but allows for creation of a standard e-mail which can be filled out or re-sent as needed, ensuring no important information is forgotten.

Create an e-mail content template in 5 easy steps:

1. Open a new e-mail in Outlook by clicking "New E-mail". (In this tutorial we are using Microsoft Outlook 2010 SP1.)

2. Type up the e-mail that you wish to use as a template.

3. Before sending, click on the "File" button, then "Save As".

4. Then click the drop down menu next to "Save As Type" and select the "Outlook Template (*.oft)" option


5. The last step is to save it somewhere that users can get to it, and give it an applicable name.

Once you have saved the file, other users can now create a new e-mail from this template. All they need to do is to navigate to the folder where you saved the template and double click it. Easy!

David Oates 16-May-2013 0 Comments
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