Creating a new user in Microsoft Server 2008 R2 based off an existing user

In this guide, if we use quotation marks it is to clearly outline the text we are talking about. If copying and pasting, always copy from within the quotation marks (excluding them) unless we have said otherwise.

First, you need to get the profile folders that your network uses by default. On the server, Open your "Active Directory Users and Computers" console from the start Menu -> administrative tools. Open the properties the user you want to copy, and copy the following four items to a notepad/textpad document.

Profile Tab -> Profile Path: Should look like "\\fileserver\Profile$\"
Profile Tab -> Home Folder -> Connect (letter and path): Should look like H Drive - "\\fileserver\Home$\"
Profile Tab -> Logon Script: Should look like "logon.cmd"
Remote Desktop Services Profile -> Profile Path : Should look like "\\fileserver\TermProfile$\"
Remote Desktop Services Profile -> Home Folder -> Connect (letter and path) : Should look like H Drive - "\\fileserver\Home$\"

In the text document you have just created, Using the search and replace tool (normally CTRL + H), replace the username, in this case "" with "%username%"

Close the users properties you have open in Active Directory, right click the user you just closed (which should also be the one you want to copy) and click "Copy". Enter the New users information as required and save the new user.

Repeat the above step (the copy step) as many times as required to create as many new users as you required.

Once you have all the new users, Highlight/select them all users you have created in the "Active Directory users and Computers" console (using CTRL+Left Click), Right click one of the selected users and click Properties.

Click on the profile tab, and copy and paste the lines from the notepad into the relevant fields. Once done, push Apply. You may get some warnings if the users profile folders already existed, this is normal. Then go through each user's properties that requires terminal services access and apply the lines we copied from the "Remote Desktop Services Profile" tab.

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