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Requests can be phoned through to us on (07) 30 40 50 10, or log a job request online.


Phone requests can be placed between 8:45am and 5pm. We can view our availability and deploy the best service method for your request. There may be times of peak demand for us when we have clients who have critical situations such as "server down", "virus infection", "lost data" and their business has come to a standstill. During these busy times you may not be able to reach us immediately, you’ll probably get our voice mail. Please give us as much information as possible if you leave a voice mail message (contact person, phone number, outline the problem, high/low priority).


Consulting and on site visits generally require at least 1-2 days notice, however depending on daily demand and request complexity, we can sometimes provide same day service.

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Australia, New Zealand & Asia

+61 7 30 40 50 10

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