DNS: Understanding how it works

DNS can be really confusing and not as straight forward as it looks. We've got a simple and easy to understand diagram to help you with DNS.

Roy Adams 12-Nov-2012 0 Comments
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Mikrotik Presentation - Failover Solution

Roy Adams presented a simple and effective solution for small business in Sydney at the MUM (Mikrotik User Meeting) 24th October 2012. The presentation addressed continuity for internet connectivity — high availability routing appliance for VoIP services with 3G/4G fail-over using Mikrotik routers.

Roy Adams 05-Nov-2012 0 Comments
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Password management: Make it tough for the local neighbourhood hacker

For those who would rather not give someone access to your partner's Facebook account, your emails, your aunt's Paypal account that you set up, or any other passwords you need to keep on file, this blog might interest you. To keep your accounts and passwords as secure as possible, put into practice the following list of good practices.

David Oates 04-Nov-2012 0 Comments
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Have you seen Asana?

Are you looking for something to keep your team and workflow organised? You might like Asana!

Roy Adams 21-Sep-2012 0 Comments
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